Apartment Complexes

Master Pest Solutions specialize in pest management for Apartment Complexes. Apartments have their own unique pest problems that we at Master understand and are trained to identify. With Years of experience, Master strives to keep up with the latest techniques and provide useful information to Apartment managers for future preventative measures. 

Master is a proud member of the RGVAA.

About us​

With over 30 years of experience in the pest control industry Master Pest Solutions knows what it takes to provide effective and professional services. We are one of the few pest control companies in the Rio Grande Valley who are certified to perform Tent Fumigations. We offer a wide variety of Pest Control Solutions that are tailored to your specific need. We also specialize in servicing apartment complexes, understanding the procedures and techniques involved in providing a clean and livable environment for the tenants.  

Whole Structure Tent Fumigations

In the process of a tent fumigation the structure is covered and a gas fumigant is released into the secured area. The fumigant penetrates the pores of the wood in the building to reach the termites within the structure that you can’t see.

Master is Stafford Certified  for commodity fumigations i.e. import/export.